Vi fikk 4 flotte valper 1. Desember.
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 Nå håper vi på neste kull i April og skal bruke K9 protection igjen 
Tusen takk for hjelpen.
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I bought some test from you and I just wanted to let you know I tested my girl with them and mated her 
when it changed color and she had 13 puppies and we got 9 live from her they are long and thick coated German Shepherds. 
I am over the moon and cannot thank you enough I have told everyone on our breeder site about your test and can testify they work brilliant.
Here is a picture of the proud mum with her 9 babies at a week old thanks Sue

I've just placed a new order with you for some more test after a great success the first time last summer :o)  
The first set of test arrived bang on time as the first one I did on arrival showed an immediate change, one I may have missed without the test as the bitch was still very early on in her season & telling my male where to go!!  A very successful mating 2 day's later resulted in 6 gorgeous puppies :o)  
I'll now always use the test!! 
I've set the order to go to my friend who the bitch lives with (joint ownership) as although she has some test that I gave her, I don't want her to run out (the bitch is having a funny season!).
Many thanks :o) 

Hej. Efter 2 parringsforsøg uden hvalpe, prøvede vi disse test. Det var let og bruge dem og efter en lang tur til Holland for parring og en spændt venten i 63 dage, fik vi 8 hvalpe i forgårs. Det er absolut ikke sidste gang vi anvender os af jeres test. De bedste hilsner fra Danmark.

" Still singing the praises of these pads ......"

Hello, I've just ordered some more test from you. 
My young Rottie bitch is due in season any time now and as the stud dog is a long ride away - so we have to be sure she's ready for mating before setting off. I've used your test with both my Rotts and my Lancashire Heeler girls to determine optimum mating times - and they've never let me down yet. 
I've also sent several friends your way with their girls when they've had problems getting the girls mated at the right time. 
In fact, one lady (Mrs. Sue Brown) had missed with her girl several time but thanks to your test she succeded at last - just as well as she had 7 people waiting for pups from her. 
Look forward to getting the test - I know how efficient you are at getting them out quick. 
Warmest Regards, 

Hello I wish to inform you, that I have been VERY pleased with your test
I live in Denmark, and the mating should take place in Sweden. It was so nice that I could wait to the ovulation, and then drive to Göteborg where the male are living. The mating have result in 6 puppies, 4 girls and 2 boys. 

Best regards 


Just to let you know, I ordered and received some test from you as my cavalier bitch had come into season and I did not know when. 
She also has a part silent season at the prime time so you never know when she is ready without taking her to the vet. I received the test on the Thursday morning and tested her that evening, the pads immediately changed colour so I organised the stud dog for the next evening, obviously I tested her just in time. 
We had a good mating and she is in whelp she is due her puppies on 28th August.  
Thank you very much for bringing this product on the market. I have told all my friends and have also linked you to my website. I will also be using the test to check andy bitches that come to my stud dogs.
Thanks once again. Margaret